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Shred The Largest Tires In The World With Eco Razer And Eco Extractor

Shred The Largest Tires In The World With Our Eco Razer And Eco Extractor
12 May 2021  |
Mining tires and OTR’s are often overlooked for recycling due to size, we want to change that. With our machines, you can easily recycle the high-quality rubber into useful items.

Recycled rubber can be used on roads, roofs, shoes, parks, sports, and more. It’s not only environmental but innovative.

Below is some information about our Eco Razor and Eco Extractor for Mining Tires:

The Eco Razor is the ultimate in high-quality rubber removal and preparation for downstream processing of the largest tires on earth. The patent-pending technology allows processors to remove valuable rubber from all three sides of the tire. The rubber that has been removed is ready to be screened, packaged, and sold. Small changes in the blade configuration allow flexibility in the size of the output material to better target the most valuable size in the market. Once the high-quality rubber has been removed and processed the remaining tire can be sent downstream for further processing or be turned into other useful products, such as water tanks or wear strips.

The Eco Extractor is designed to remove steel beads from the largest mining tires on earth. Its unique proprietary design gives it the ability to extract clean beads from these nearly indestructible 63″ rim tires. Its unique features such as the reverse hook design and single-person remote control operation make it the fastest and most cost-effective way to remove mining tire beads in the world. Additionally, once the bead has been removed it makes further downstream processing economical and financially feasible.

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