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Lindner Recyclingtech: Safely Overcoming the Crisis thanks to the Successes of Recent Years

Lindner Recyclingtech: Safely Overcoming the Crisis thanks to the Successes of Recent Years
4 May 2020  |
The current situation suggests a standstill in many places. But that hasn’t stopped the annual financial reports for the year 2019 from being published.

Among them is that of the Austrian specialist for waste processing solutions and shredding technology Lindner Recyclingtech. The figures speak for themselves and leave no doubt that the company will overcome the crisis in a positive light.

Standing in front of Lindner headquarters, it quickly becomes clear that things are different at the moment. Like everywhere else, information on hygiene regulations and safety measures is displayed next to the omnipresent disinfectant dispenser. Also, due to teams being divided into several locations or working from home, it is quieter in the office building than normal. However, if you listen closely, you will quickly notice that work on the production floors is still in full swing.

The group of companies around Lindner Recyclingtech markedly exceeded revenues of €100 million last year and was able to start 2020 with full order books. Now the annual financial report for the past year has also been finalised which relativizes the current situation for CFO Hans Sagerschnig: ‘In recent years, it has become increasingly apparent that the demand for our innovative and sturdy technology is increasing. Since 2016, sales have risen by roundly 70%.

Needless to say, we are very pleased with this development. But what is much more important in view of the COVID-19 crisis is our strong equity ratio of more than 65%. That makes us a stable and reliable partner for our clients even in challenging times. Thanks to our entire team’s good performance and camaraderie, we are certain to successfully overcome the crisis and continue to be a dependable employer in the future.’ Tying in with the financial report, the current Creditreform rating was also published. Here too, the Lindner Group was given the top rating, proving that the company stands on a firm footing.

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Innovation as a principle, quality promised and delivered. These basic ideas have informed the actions of Lindner ever since the company was founded in 1948. The Lindner family business has been offering innovative, tried-and-tested recycling...