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SkidWeigh Provides Piece of Mind for the Overweight Truck Problem

22 Feb 2018  |
OAKVILLE, ON - Overweight/Overloaded/Improperly Loaded Trucks According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were 3,900 fatalities and 104,000 individuals injured as a result of truck crashes in 2012. One common reason for catastrophic injuries in truck collisions is a driver's loss of control of an overweight or overloaded truck.

SkidWeigh provides the most effective and easy to use systems that give your people certainty about what weight is being assigned to a trailer with no interruption to productivity.

IVDT has been manufacturing on-board check weighing scales for more than 30 years and trailer loading comprises a big part of our business. Best in class companies that seek to maximize productivity with no compromise to safety become the best brands in their respective industries. Always at the forefront of operations is the ability to move as much product as possible and understanding weight as its being loaded is no guessing game. IVDT’s SkidWeigh weigh scale platform provides best in class companies safe sure systems to weigh product on the go and a number of options to compliment a variety of processes.

SkidWeigh Advantage

  • No need to rely on floor scale
  • Does not impede operator productivity
  • Simple and cost effective
  • Scanner and printer options available
  • Data options range from print receipt, USB excel download, FTP and LAN webpage
  • Fits all counterbalance and reach lift trucks as well as Class III electric pallet trucks​

SkidWeigh ED2

On-board check weighing scale that requires no operator input and provides a weight reading within 3 seconds. Accurate to +/-1% of capacity the system can also add weights on the go and indicate lift truck overloading.

SkidWeigh ED2-Elite

Similar to the ED2, the Elite maintains the same accuracy, and options but allows for the connection of a Bluetooth printer. Perfect for applications that require a print receipt.

SkidWeigh ED3

SkidWeigh ED3
SkidWeigh ED3

The SkidWeigh ED3 takes productivity to the next level with the ability to enter waybills, tare, accumulative totalling and overloading. It also connect through Bluetooth to scanners and printers for load identifiers and provides data reports through USB.

SkidWeigh ED4

The SkidWeigh ED4 combines the productivity of the ED3 with wireless network connectivity. Details of truck loading are at your fingertips as it happens when it happens with both FTP uploads and a LAN web page.

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