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SmartTruck System Improves Efficiency and Safety

SmartTruck System Improves Efficiency and Safety
29 Sep 2020  |
SmartTruck Loadout and Receiving Technology handles the entire process of checking trucks in as well as capturing gross and tare weights in either fully unattended or semi-unattended modes.

The goal is to reduce head count and increase throughput while improving safety and security.

SmartTruck utilizes a combination of driver phone applications, outdoor touchscreen terminals, long range RF cards, outdoor message boards, electronic photo eyes, video surveillance cameras, IP based intercom systems and a powerful computer system, customized to your specific application.  The focus is on keeping drivers in their trucks to increase safety and automating the whole process, managing traffic flow and eliminating or reducing the need to employ anything more than minimal staff.

CompuWeigh’s SmartTruck System provides an average return on investment in less than two years by eliminating head count at the driver check-in area as well as the loadout and receiving areas.  Additionally, the system keeps drivers in their trucks protecting plant employees from Covid related illnesses.

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