ZenRobotics Delivers Second Robotic Sorting System to China

ZenRobotics Delivers Second Robotic Sorting System to China
HELSINKI - ZenRobotics and its Chinese distributor, China Jiangsu Intertech Intelligent Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd, have agreed on a delivery of a Heavy Picker unit to a sorting site in Shanghai. The robotic sorting line for construction and demolition waste is the second of its kind in China.

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Leading robot solution for waste

ZenRobotics was the first company to apply artificial intelligence (AI) and robots to waste sorting. A decade of experience in waste has resulted in reliable and powerful AI technology that is proven on the field.

We have harnessed the power of AI to increase the efficiency of waste sorting. Our unique solution combines our own robot design, fit exclusively for waste sorting, with our own AI software ZenBrain. AI allows robots to sort waste just as well as humans do – only faster and safer!

Why should you consider robots?

ZenRobotics’ robots easily adapt to a wide range of customer needs, sorting various waste streams efficiently and profitably. With our robots you get:

  • Low operating costs – High efficiency, minimizing manual processes and 24/7 operation result in low operational costs.
  • Higher revenue – Consistent quality and high-quality output ensure higher revenue and profits.
  • Better safety – Eliminating manual tasks lowers operational costs and improves occupational safety.
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