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Alternative Fuel Manufacturer Reaches 450 Tonnes Daily Output with UNTHA Shredder

Alternative Fuel Manufacturer Reaches 450 Tonnes Daily Output with UNTHA Shredder
9 Jul 2020  |
German waste management firm Otto-Rüdiger Schulze has overhauled its shredding line with the help of Austrian-headquartered UNTHA, and can now prepare up to 450 tonnes of alternative fuel, per day.

he materials recovery business – based in Neuendorf near Berlin – has specialised in the optimised recycling of waste wood, plastics, construction, domestic and commercial waste, since it was established in 1990. But in addition to salvaging the country’s secondary raw materials, it also has the ability to manufacture a renewable energy source for cement plants and power stations.

Previously pre-shredding waste to achieve a varying fraction of 0-300mm, Otto-Rüdiger Schulze re-evaluated the marketplace to source technology that could handle a range of input materials and produce a more defined, on-specification output fuel.

Trials with several manufacturers were carried out, and the single shaft UNTHA XR3000C shredder was chosen as the replacement equipment. 

The machine achieves an optimised homogenous fuel of 0-150mm – depending on the end user’s requirements – which has reduced the wear that downstream technology is subjected to. The slow running shredder with highly-economical UNTHA Eco Power Drive has also lowered the plant’s energy consumption by 1,000kWh per day.

“For a company that can now process 400-450 tonnes of material per day, this is a significant technical and operational advantage,” said UNTHA’s sales manager Daniel Wresnik.

“The unit also stands out for its low maintenance requirements and servicing costs.”

Commenting on the investment, André Rabeus from Otto-Rüdiger Schulze said: “UNTHA was recommended to us by a company based in Berlin. We are convinced that we have made the right decision and would be happy to recommend the XR3000C to others.”

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