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Tana’s mission is to provide customers with simply more money on the bottomline with cutting edge technology in solid waste management combined with state-of-the-art control and monitoring systems. The objective of this mission is to improve our customers’ business and enable them to increase revenue – from waste to value.

Tana Oy is a privately owned company, where long term targets are set, and we always operate with our customers in mind. Key principles in Tana’s operation are reliability, customer orientation, responsiveness and continuous improvement.

Having competed for market share with large multinational corporations, Tana Oy has been able to differentiate itself and to win its customers’ trust by relying on these core values. The fact that we are now leaders for landfill compactors in many markets is strong evidence of our success. We are aiming at the same objective with shredders, namely keeping growth steady and profitable. With our current management, Tana has increased sales year on year and tripled turnover in the last decade.

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