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Ecohog HogMag Eddy Current Separators

Ecohog HogMag Eddy Current Separators
We have had a lot of inquiries about our HogMag Eddy Current Separator range lately so we thought we would give you a brief overview of how they benefit your waste sorting problems.

Our Ecohog HogMag Eddy Current Separators use a strong magnetic sorting technology to separate non-ferrous metals from recycling waste. Waste processors can use the HogMag ECS range to recover valuable non-ferrous metals such as; aluminum, copper, and brass from different waste types. The recovered metals can then be sold to Scrap Recyclers or directly to Foundries to generate revenue for the Waste processors.

Ecohog HogMag ECS Range

The HogMag ECS is available in a variety of chassis options including; mobile, semi-mobile and static versions. The HogMag ECS range comes with standard baseline features but additional bespoke options are also available.

Following the success of our original Hook Loader HogMag ECS (HM ECS – 1500), we identified the opportunity in the market for mobile tracked and semi-mobile turnkey Eddy Current Separators. The demand in the market arose for more transportable equipment as it offers a more flexible approach to waste recycling with reduced capital costs and increased residual machine values.

What applications can the HogMag Eddy Current Separators be used for?

Our range of Ecohog HogMag Eddy Current Separators is capable of excelling in a wide range of applications. To list a few; waste wood processing, biomass, MRF, aluminum can recycling, scrap metal processing, RDF, C&D, C&I, Brass, and much more. Our Ecohog equipment can master most applications, get in touch today for your free consultation.

What are the main benefits of a HogMag ECS?

The main benefit of the HogMag ECS is its superior mobile sorting ability which automates metal recovery and negates the need for manual sorting.

Our HogMag ECS is the master of separating nonferrous metals for maximum quality and yield. This makes the end product more profitable for the client for both reselling and reusing. With the high efficiency of metal separation and low maintenance, it could be exactly what you need for your waste problems.

We can guide you with advice on your particular application and we can work on solving the solution together.

What are the key features of an Eddy Current Separator?

Where do we begin, there are quite a few key features and each of the ECS range has specific features but to list a few;

  • Crawler track, Hook Loader or Semi-mobile chassis
  • Vibratory feeder
  • Magnetic drum separator
  • High gauss ECS
  • Folding stockpiling conveyors
  • Hydraulic power pack

Intrigued to see our HogMag ECS in action?

We have numerous videos on our YouTube channel and website. Check out our machines running smoothly below. Or if you get in touch we have a few videos from clients!

What applications is the HogMag ECS for?

A wide range of applications to say the least. To list a few;

  • Aluminum can recycle
  • Scrap metal processing
  • Brass/copper recovery
  • Automotive fragment
  • Wood processing
  • Biomass
  • Shredder material
  • Municipal waste
  • Incinerator slag
  • Foundry sand
  • Glass (MRF) clean up
  • Electronic scrap (WEEE)
  • Batteries
  • C&I
  • C&D
  • RDF / SRF

We also cater to other applications, it’s best to get in touch with one of our Ecohog team for advice if your specific application isn’t listed.

Ecohog is proud to be specialists in magnetic separation with our high performance, low-cost ECS range within the waste and recycling industry. Our Ecohog team designs, manufacture, and supplies equipment globally. 

At Ecohog helping the environment is one of our core values, therefore we are proud of how our machines can help recover waste and save on landfills. Ecohog ECS provides high-quality waste processing offering profitable returns for the client. With over 30 years’ experience in the waste and recycling industry, we are more than happy to provide our wealth of knowledge and advice.

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