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From Fish Box Producer To Waste Collector And LOOP Ambassador

From Fish Box Producer To Waste Collector And LOOP Ambassador
3 Mar 2021  |
The company was founded in 1962 and actually was the first company to produce fish boxes from EPS (Expandable Polystyrene). Vartdal Plast is one of the biggest EPS converters in Norway and even in the Nordic region.

Keeping food fresh and houses warm is the very foundation of Vartdal Plast’s existence
The company delivers quality products for building and construction, technical packaging, and food packaging. In addition, the company is known for its impeccable logistics.

100 % Vartdal Plast is the company’s vision of getting all EPS back into the loop and the journey from supplying products made of fossil resources to products made out of 100 % non-fossil resources or recycled plastic waste. In February 2021 Vartdal Plast launched their product series LOOP which will only consist of products made out of recycled plastic waste or non-fossil feedstock.

In May 2020 Vartdal Plast finished the installation of their recycling facility at Liadal close to the Vartdal Plast headquarter in Vartdal, Norway. In this facility, Vartdal Plast aims to be compacting all EPS waste from Trondheim to Bergen. With a fleet of 75 trucks, Vartdal Plast collects EPS as return freight from several waste collecting companies within the region. The EPS is delivered to Liadal to be compacted before being shipped to recycling facilities in Europe.

«It is important for us as an EPS converter to contribute to getting EPS waste back into the loop. All waste is damaging to the environment if thrown into nature, but by collecting EPS and contributing to giving it new life as new plastic products, we are able to utilize the fantastic resource plastic really is», says Jan Endre Vartdal, CEO of the Vartdal Plast group.

When planning the recycling facility Vartdal Plast chose Alles Miljø AS as their partner for the compacting machinery, because they are the reseller of Runi compacting machines in Norway. «We have known Runi compacting machines ever since they came to the market. When buying Runi we know what we get and we know that the quality is good and that the operations are reliable. In addition, we have received a lot of good input from Alles Miljø/Runi when planning our recycling facility», Mr. Vartdal adds.

The facility at Liadal has been running since May 2020 and Vartdal Plast could even be planning for similar facilities in the near future. «It is no secret that we want to do more of collecting and compacting. Our goal is to get all EPS possible back into the loop and to use the EPS as raw material for products that we produce or buy. If we build new recycling facilities we will most probably use Runi machinery for the compacting units», Jan Endre finishes.

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