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Klean Industries and Nikola Partner to Convert Truck Fleets to Nikola TRE FCEVs and Co-develop Green Energy Projects

Klean Industries and Nikola Partner to Convert Truck Fleets to Nikola TRE FCEVs and Co-develop Green Energy Projects
29 Mar 2023  |
Klean Industries Inc ("Klean"), a company focused on the recovery of clean energy and resources from waste, is pleased to announce that it has executed a Memorandum of Understanding ("MOU") with Nikola Corporation ("Nikola") (Nasdaq: NKLA) a leading designer and manufacturer of heavy-duty commercial battery-electric vehicles ("BEV"), hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles ("FCEV"), and energy supply and infrastructure solutions, via its HYLA brand.

The companies will collaborate to encourage the adoption of Nikola Class 8 zero-emission vehicles with Klean’s partners, and feedstock suppliers, while also developing green hydrogen supply and dispensing infrastructure in the United States and Canada. Nikola will evaluate offtake opportunities from green hydrogen projects being developed by Klean and its partners involving hydroelectric, wind and solar power in the Pacific Northwest and Canada. Utilizing Klean’s green hydrogen, the companies will also work together to convert Klean’s logistics partners’ truck fleet to Nikola Class 8 zero-emission vehicles.

Both Klean and Nikola see a significant opportunity to collaborate on projects where Klean and its partners operate recycling, resource recovery, and waste-to-energy plants. This relationship is synergistic, as both parties see zero-emission logistics as a key part of delivering holistic supply chain solutions that facilitate the development of the low-carbon hydrogen economy, with the goal of zero waste to landfill. Additionally, this collaboration demonstrates the commitment of Klean, their logistic partners, and Nikola, to help decarbonize the transportation sector as hydrogen plays a crucial role in providing a solution for the global path to a zero-emission future in transportation.

“We believe Nikola’s hydrogen-electric trucks are going to fundamentally change the ground transportation and logistics landscape. This exciting collaboration will create opportunities that will reinforce the importance of working together as we look to both deploy and develop a renewable hydrogen value chain. Developing clean energy projects with leading technology companies such as Nikola supports Klean’s strategic focus and enables our respective companies to create a symbiosis between waste, resources, and energy, while simultaneously helping in the creation of a circular low carbon economy. Green hydrogen has the potential to completely transform the energy landscape and drive a cleaner, more sustainable future,” said Jesse Klinkhamer, CEO of Klean Industries Inc.

“Klean’s vision of utilizing a green hydrogen fleet of trucks in their tire recycling ecosystem is a clear indication of the company’s commitment to creating a better, more sustainable future. With its longer driving range and zero emissions, the Nikola Tre hydrogen electric vehicle is poised to revolutionize the trucking industry and change the way we think about transportation. Klean has already brought together like-minded partners to decarbonize their truck fleets which is a testament to their far-reaching commitment and deep knowledge of this sustainability space,” said Carey Mendes, Nikola, President Energy.

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