Bakers Waste Equipment Inc.

Bakers Waste Equipment Inc. was founded in 1981 with a vision to provide quality waste handling equipment to local haulers and county governments.
Over the past three decades, BWE has become a premier manufacturer and supplier of waste handling equipment to the waste and recycling industries in the eastern US.
A recent relocated to a much larger facility in Lenoir, NC demonstrates the success and commitment to the future.

BWE prides itself on producing top quality waste handling equipment at a competitive, and in doing so, will continue to honor its core values:

  • Safety First and Foremost
  • Top Quality Products At Fair Market Price
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Efficient Productivity

Our customers deserve the “right equipment for the right price with exceptional service,” and Bakers Waste Equipment will provide these values to its customers everyday.

Bakers Waste Equipment Inc. will strive to meet is Mission Statement which includes safety on the job, building top quality products at a fair market price, providing exceptional customer service, and dependable efficient productivity every day.

In doing so, BWE will act in a professional manner to understand its customer’s needs and provide solutions with its standard and customized products or service.
BWE is confident in its capabilities to become a primary vendor to the waste industry and looks to have an active role in any “green movement” promoting zero waste and recycling in the future.

Through clear communication, detailed product knowledge, and integrity in the workplace, BWE will continue to grow and be a valuable and helpful guide to its customers and to the waste industry for years to come.

Bakers Waste Equipment Inc.
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