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The Environmental Group Vauché offers innovating solutions for waste sorting and valorization. EGV puts its clients at the heart of its approach, by supporting them from the birth of their project until the complete implementation of their unit and its industrial start up. The Environmental Group Vauché is using its experience to design and manufacture turnkey projects.

For a company like Vauché Sustainable Development is not just an expression. We are one of the links on the big environmental chain and believe that our duty does not stop merely at the design and implementation of sorting processes. Our research department gives thought to tomorrow’s solutions in order to better serve our prime contractors.

If everyone, at its own level, contributes to increase its requirements and skills, we will win this race against time, which means leaving a clean land for future generations. I feel all the more involved in this responsibility, today, as the guardian of Vauché’s history.
I would like to make the Group values live on and to carry them across borders, as the stakes have now reached an international dimension.

Environmental Group Vauché
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