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ITS Shredding & Grinding Solutions designs and builds a complete range of industrial shredders, waste crusher and granulators to meet the specific requirements in the recycling of plastics, rubber and different types of materials or waste. Our 25 years of consolidated experience in the recycling industry is focused in providing our customers the most competitive solutions specifically designed to solve any problem related to shredding and grinding of many types of materials for recycling or treatment and disposal of waste. Some of our solutions are covered by patents. All the machines we offer can be used individually or can be integrated in a complete processing facility by being interconnected with other equipment.


  • Over 25 year experience in the recycling industry
  • Expert team of engineers can provide reliable and competitive solutions for your recycling requirements
  • ITS brand shredders and grinders manufactured 100% in Italy
  • Heavy duty construction and reliable performance
  • Stand-alone machines for integration in complete plant or simple freestanding systems
  • Wide range of recycling machines available through our partner AMIS GmbH
ITS – Shredding and Grinding Solutions
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Cesano Boscone
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