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Molinari S.r.l. manufactures shredders for alternative fuels, plastics, rubber, copper, waste, wood.

Four new machines in the last three years:

  • Helyos – the real innovation in tires shredding
  • MP3000 – a secondary shredder for biomass and waste for AF
  • Tynos – a new mill for biomass and organic waste for anaerobic digestion
  • MB1000 – a grinder for wood

Innovation must, before all else, produce a simple, functional structure, because this means less risk of breakage and easy maintenance. Innovation must offer energy savings compared to market standards, because using less energy means more profit.

In 1995 the Molinari Mill Granulator is manufactured and patented. This machine was completely new and had much success in the field of granulation of plastic waste, wood and tires.

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