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The Biggest Tire Shredder For OTR

The Biggest Tire Shredder For OTR
12 Sep 2023  |
Tires are among the most difficult materials to treat: they are made of rubber – which is elastic by definition-, harmonic steel and synthetic fiber. Well-sharpened blades capable of cutting rather than tearing are therefore needed, combined with high structural rigidity. The Molinari project was born taking into consideration these characteristics, in order to tackle the tire shredder market.

One of the most innovative features of this machine is the fact that it can adjust the distance between the fixed and rotary blades in a simple and quick way. The fixed blades are placed on an adjustable traverse positioned between the two shafts, where the rotary blades are placed. When blades start to wear, it’s possible to reduce the distance between the rotary and fixed ones by simply raising the traverse. These aspects are particularly important when combining energy saving with a clean cut, with few protrusions of steel wires.

The company has decided to introduce innovations compared to traditional processing schemes. The first innovation is the position of the screen, which is installed directly on the machine, keeping the material in the shredding chamber until it is reduced to the chosen size.

The second and most important innovation is the aforementioned adjustable cutting system, which allows to recover the millimeters of wear lost during processing, maintaining productivity and energy savings constant over time.

Molinari overcame the wear problem with an innovative rotor and blade design. The blades are trapezoidal and have a thickness of 68mm. They are hardened and resharpenable for 20 mm.The robustness of the machine allows it to handle even large tires which could be the subject of interesting opportunities to tackle new market shares.

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Molinari S.r.l. manufactures shredders for alternative fuels, plastics, rubber, copper, waste, wood. Four new machines in the last three years: Helyos – the real innovation in tires shredding MP3000 – a secondary shredder for biomass...

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