Flag of ItalyPanizzolo Recycling Systems S.r.l.

A long history of experience with material and machines.

Without haste and with great care, we faced daily the issues that you too face every day in this job.

Our experience and knowledge in grinding and material separation allowed us to get this far: the design and development of systems that combine useful innovation and practical intelligence to solve, optimize, simplify, and to perform functions that other systems solved in a complex way.

Making everything easier, faster, and more precise, will help you to upgrade your work and allow you to do more things, with just one single system, and reduced need for assistance.

Experience, passion and technological research helped us to achieve the best results to all of our and your needs.

Panizzolo Recycling Systems S.r.l.
Via Giacomo Matteotti, 6a
+39 049 973 1038
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