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Scrap Processing is SICON’s Passion

In many countries, when talking about recovery of metals by efficient scrap processing, this means talking about machines and systems supplied by SICON. Our specialty are complete process lines for shredded scrap and shredder residue (ASR), generating high quality products.

SICON’s HMS Cleaning process improves the metallurgical efficiency of shear scrap and reduces the cost of melting by separating inert and oxide fines as well as broken down NF parts.

At the same time, SICON considerably reduces the copper load in shredded scrap with its ScrapTuning® system thus increasing value added by additional NF metal recovery. At the same time, potential quality risks when using the materials in an electric arc furnace are prevented.

SICON supplies solutions tailored to the requirements of scrap processors and steel works to considerably increase efficiency and profitability.

Processing Experts™ – Always one step ahead when it comes to processing scrap, shredder residues, plastic and electronic scrap.

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