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TANA 440E Augments Tana’s Renowned Product Family of Electric Shredders

TANA 440E Augments Tana’s Renowned Product Family of Electric Shredders
1 May 2024  |
The benefits of the TANA Shark 440E electric shredder, which operates on a fixed platform, include the ability to efficiently shred even difficult waste fractions combined with long and predictable maintenance intervals. The electric powertrain and close-to-zero emissions support the business operations and environmental goals of customers operating in the circular economy.

The TANA Shark 440 Series is already well-known wherever versatility and power are required from industrial shredders. The newest member of the product family is the TANA Shark 440E, which is electric and operates on a fixed platform. “Our product family is starting to be complete now that our electric mobile shredders have been joined by a shredder that operates on a fixed platform. We can now offer customers looking for an electric shredder a suitable solution for every need,” says Eetu Tuovinen, Product Manager at Tana.

“Demand for electric shredders has grown a lot in the past few years, especially because our customers are looking for solutions that combine sustainability, low noise and financial benefits,” Tuovinen adds.

TANA Shark 440E efficiently handles even the most demanding fractions

The newest member of the electric product family shares a lot in common with the other electric shredders in the TANA Shark Series. The other electric models are the TANA Shark 440EM on a semi-trailer chassis and the 440ET on a tracked platform.

Choosing between the different models depends on the customer’s needs. Mobile shredders are suitable for customers who shred many different waste fractions, even during the same day. Stationary shredders, on the other hand, are most suitable in the processing chain of so-called single stream materials.

“The first customers to purchase the TANA Shark 440E process, for example, tyres, metallic rejects and pulper ropes from the paper industry, and special materials such as circuit boards and aluminum scrap. The device effectively shreds fractions that not all shredders can cope with.”

Stationary shredder offers power

As a stationary shredder, the TANA Shark 440E is suitable for processing materials in yards where the waste fractions can be moved easily without the need to move the shredder itself. “The device is available in several

different configurations. We can deliver just the shredder, or the customer can also specify it with, for example, different conveyor options as needed.”

The only condition for using the TANA Shark 440E is the availability of sufficient electrical power. The shredder requires a 630-amp main fuse. “We offer the TANA Shark 440E for the needs of our global customers, including a European version for 50-hertz and 400-volt networks and a North American version for 60-hertz and 480-volt networks.”

In recent years, Tana has invested heavily in developing electric shredders in particular. “The demand has come directly from our customers. A growing number of first-time buyers want an electric shredder, and at the same time, many existing customers have started to turn their eyes towards electric alternatives,” Tuovinen says.

Behind the growing interest in electric shredders is the megatrend of environmental awareness. The majority of customers work in the circular economy, so preferring environmentally friendly and low-emission devices is a natural choice. “Many companies are turning their attention to electric devices of their own accord, which we are really happy about. At the same time, the criteria for public tenders and the subsidy policies of different countries are leading development in the direction that electricity is starting to be the most profitable power option for many of our customers.”

“Instead of warehousing our products, we manufacture each device to order according to the customer’s individual choices and accessories. The final product can be delivered through our dealer network to any address specified by the customer and exactly as they ordered it.”

Long maintenance intervals and automatic shredding adjustment facilitate work

The TANA Shark 440E also features the TANA Control System (TCS) familiar on other modern TANA shredders. The system monitors the load caused by the shredding process and adjusts the performance according to the actual load.

“This way, depending on the material, either high speed or high torque can be achieved at lower rpm. For customers, this means lower energy consumption and maximized production.”

Durability is the primary value in design and manufacturing. In Tana’s shredders, electrification has been implemented as an electro-hydraulic solution in both mobile and stationary electric shredders. For customers, one of the main benefits of the electric powertrain can be seen in the low need for maintenance. The maintenance interval of the TANA Shark 440E is approximately 500 hours, depending on the hydraulics and wearing parts.

“In heavy-duty applications, the diesel engine is usually the part that requires the most maintenance, so when it is removed, the need for maintenance is also substantially reduced. It fits our idea that we want to manufacture, above all, devices that support our customers’ business operations. The TANA Shark 440E is a natural continuation of that.”

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