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Zato is a company specialized in the manufacturing of equipment and system for the processing and recycling of scrap: hammermills and twin-shaft shredders for metal shredding and demolition shears for the recycling and demolition market and in the design and manufacturing of customised machinery to meet any requirement.

Zato was founded in 1998 thanks to the synergy of persons who were already introduced in the scrap recycling industry from a long time and had a significant know how on the manufacturing of equipment for the recycling of ferrous material.

Zato is capable to supply any equipment that help the processing of the scrap in an excellent way, thanks to its specific knowledge and experience on the materials that will be processed and shredded by the machines.

The very first steps made by this company in the market secured its success both in the home and in the International market. Right from the beginning its appetite for expansion abroad and for marketing machinery in Countries outside Italy drove Zato to extend its offer of equipment and plants for processing ferrous material towards a deeper specialization.

For this reason, a team of qualified and in house trained engineers completed systems that got more and more complex. We are talking of technological innovations at the service of the Customer, hammermills and twin-shaft shredders capable to achieve a reduction in terms of volume of materials optimizing processing times and to reduce operating costs by a really significant amount.

At Prevalle headquarters, production site and design centre for each single machine, today more than 30 specialized and skilled workers are currently working and following our Customers right from the design of the project. The technical development of the machine is made by engineers of proven  experience and who study the Customer’s requirement and develop a machinery accordingly. These are complex projects requiring a constant care for the details in order to ensure quality and excellence.

Its constant commitment for Research and Development allowed Zato to produce innovative machines and to keep a competitive advantage for standing out among competitors.

Zato’s commitment continues even after the system is sold and installed. Our Customer Care corporate philosophy regards also the technical service and the guarantee of an efficient technical support capable to provide tools and technologies for a timely service on the machines whenever assistance is needed.

Via Campi Grandi 23
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