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PICVISA Commits to a More Flexible After-Sales Service With More Options

PICVISA Commits to a More Flexible After-Sales Service With More Options
3 Sep 2019  |
CALAF - At PICVISA, we are aware that a successful after-sales service requires dedication. We firmly believe that the after-sales service is one of the most important quality indicators for companies and that it plays a key role in all purchasing choices. That is why we have invested fully in the design of an after-sales strategy that meets all the expectations of our customers.

The company differentiates and adapts new services to the needs of customers offering a wide range of features

The first of our after-sales services is the fast link, a periodic service with remote connection. It offers a general analysis of the status of the equipment and the verification of the parameters set in the configuration screens of the optical sorters. The duration of the service normally takes between 60 and 120 minutes. The periodicity of this service will be at the client’s choice: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

PICVISA Commits to a More Flexible After-Sales Service With More Options

Our second service, which we call direct response, is a hot line for troubleshooting, problem solving by telephone or remote connection, including the cameras, lamps, equipment efficiency (hardware) and program efficiency (software). Customer service will be done by call, video call or email. The service time varies from 30 to 60 minutes.

For those situations in which a field visit is needed we have, among others, preventive maintenance. This periodic service offers interventions in the client’s premises in which reports of predictive maintenance are prepared and preventive maintenance is performed due to changes in regulations. The duration of the service is between 2 and 4 days, depending on the needs of the client. The frequency to be defined can be monthly, quarterly or semi-annual.

PICVISA also covers the spare parts sale. Deliveries can be in usual terms but we also cover the possibility of express delivery. The order can be made by call, video call or email.

The sale of spare parts will not only be at the customer’s request, but PICVISA will also propose offers for the correct maintenance and updating of the equipment. The duration depends on the distance of the service and usually adds 1 day of analysis to the shipping days.

Another on-site service offered by the company is corrective maintenance. This includes cleaning, greasing, lubrication, replacement of equipment components and accessories. The length of the service varies between 2 and 5 days and is done at the request of the client.

PICVISA Commits to a More Flexible After-Sales Service With More Options

Finally, we find the services of update and upgrade. The update service consists of the evaluation of changes in operation due to modifications originated by the client. It includes the updating of software, hardware and mechanical equipment. The customer service covers the evaluation of the modifications and the action in the facility. PICVISA will also offer update possibilities to the client.

The upgrade service is the evaluation of equipment upgrades upon customer request. It includes the application of improvements with new or additional components, through the installation of software, hardware and mechanical equipment. In the same way as in the update service, PICVISA proactively offers upgrade options to the client.

All these services are performed with the maximum agility and efficiency possible. Our after-sales philosophy is also based on three values: proximity, quality and guarantee. In this way, and with our new wider range of services, we put all our efforts to meet the expectations that our customers put in us even once the purchase has been made.

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