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Five Times More Flakes From Recycled PET Bottles

Five times more flakes from recycled PET bottles
26 Jan 2022  |

Herbold Meckesheim GmbH obtained a new major order in December: it will supply a large-scale plant for plastic recycling to Fantastic Plastic. Fantastic Plastic is considered to be the producer of the highest quality PET flakes in Russia. The first production line of the recyclate manufacturer was also supplied by the Meckesheim-based special machinery manufacturer Herbold.

In 2019, Fantastic Plastic’s plant in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, went into operation. Since then, together with Herbold Meckesheim and the downstream manufacturers, elaborate trials have been conducted to refine the process. The goal that has now been achieved is that the quality of the granules meets the strict regulations for food packaging and can be used bottle-to-bottle.

The fact that Herbold maintains a technical center at its headquarters in Meckesheim, which can be used for trials of all kinds, was of great benefit here.

Thanks to closely coordinated planning – the project is now starting in January – periods of downtime in main production are largely avoided during the installation of the machines. Fantastic Plastic aims to use the new recycling line to boost its granulate output to 35,000 metric tons per year, a fivefold increase. The Russian company has invested a good 10 million dollars in this project. It is expected to create around 180 new jobs at the site.

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