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Ortessa Takes Position in Innovative Scale-Up Blue Plastics!

Ortessa takes position in innovative scale-up Blue Plastics!
14 Jun 2023  |
Eindhoven, May 31, 2023 - Ortessa Group announces this morning that it will participate in plastic recycler Blue Plastics. In doing so, Ortessa is continuing to innovatively recover valuable raw materials from waste plastics. This sustainable development is a result of joining forces in the chain; where Ortessa will take care of the supply of waste plastics to the Blue Plastics recycling plant, the previously committed TCR Plastics will take care of commercializing the new raw materials.

Blue Plastics’ CleanBlueTech (CBT) technology is an innovative solvent-based closed-loop washing technology that removes odor, glue, printing ink and organic residue from any plastic film waste. Existing washing technologies on the market wash with high temperatures and use a lot of water. This makes this new technology a gamechanger, as it uses 70% less energy and no water. Blue Plastics’ granulate is transparent and odorless. It is qualitatively close to virgin material. For the first plant, Blue Plastics uses transport film, also called packaging film. Within plastics, this waste stream has the highest CO2 impact on the environment because it quickly becomes waste due to a short functional life-span.

Eric Segers, general manager Ortessa Group, says he is particularly proud of this participation. “From the vision that technology and cooperation contribute towards a cleaner world, this is a textbook (OR classic) example of a powerful chain cooperation. Ortessa is constantly looking with an open mind at promising innovations for the global waste problem. In this pioneering technology for plastic films, we quickly saw the potential to actually make the difference.”

TCR Plastics owners, Gert and Robert Struijk, are very excited about Ortessa joining Blue Plastics. Robert Struijk says: “Since TCR Plastics’ investment in Blue Plastics, the technology has been further proven and the process has been further developed. In the search for the right strategic partner, we quickly found a match with Ortessa. A wonderful Dutch company with big name in the field of waste and recycling in the broadest sense of the word.” Gert Struijk explains, “The entry of Ortessa will lead to a unique collaboration through which we give substance to circularity in its purest form. It is nice to see that in this way three Dutch companies join forces to make a substantial contribution with this unique Dutch technology to both the solution of the Plastic problem as well as the realization of the European Environmental objectives.”

Blue Plastics director Stephan Damer adds that Blue Plastics was looking for continuity in the supply of waste plastics for the plant being built on the Brightlands Campus. “The first plants will start with so-called transport films, but other plastics such as HDPE, PP and PET can also be washed in the future. We believe in serving the market for the long run. Continuity in the input stream is essential for this. Ortessa Group’s specific expertise in collection fits with that strategy and we are therefore pleased that the pleasant and constructive discussions have led to this sustainable partnership. Like Ortessa and TCR Plastics, Blue Plastics is looking for ways to leave the earth in a better state for future generations. This partnership puts everyone in their strength and at the same time we are building an innovative solution together.”

Blue Plastics level of ambition is one with guts and fits seamlessly with the EU and Dutch focus on being more water efficient and more conscious of waste and packaging materials. Blue Plastics is going for the realization of 5 plants in 10 years.

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