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Poeth Sifter with Automatic Screen Cleaning in Plastic Recycling

4 Jul 2019  |
The Poeth high-frequency sieve was already frequently used for sieving fines for feed and petfood applications.

The desire was to be able to change a sieve deck quickly (<30 sec), but above all to be able to realize a higher sieve effeciency.

The machine further developed and is now used for plastic recycling, for example, where the machine is positioned just before the color sorter. Dust is disastrous for the lenses in a color sorter and so sieve must be sieved thoroughly.

The unique thing about this system is that the screen deck can be automatically tensioned and relaxed. It looks like an elastic that attracts you, and causes a larger amplitude when tensioning / relaxing.

wedge-shaped flakes, which get stuck in the screen deck, are fired from the deck. Closing the deck is therefore almost impossible.

The machine vibrates high-frequency and provides higher sieving efficiency than conventional vibrating sifting machines. This is possible because only the screen deck is vibrated and not the entire machine. Only the necessary mass inertia is set into vibration.

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