Which Technology Is Better For My Aluminum Sorting?

Hello, we are considering how viable both the XRT and XRF technologies in aluminum sorting are, and would like to know the differences between the two X-ray-based sorting technologies, namely XRF (X-Ray Fluorescence) and XRT (X-Ray Transmission). What X-ray-based sorting technology is most suitable for my aluminum sorting applications?


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  1. Eric van Looy says

    XRT (X-Ray Transmission) is based on the detection of different materials by means of the atomic particle density. Heavy metals are shown dark and light metals or organic materials are shown brighter or indistinct in the original images from the XRT sensor.

    To use XRT technology for sorting recycle enabled aluminum, the machine software is created according to the findings of the processor so that certain material is displayed in specific colors. For example, choose light gray or white for aluminum, red for copper, yellow for brass, blue for zinc, green for stainless steel, and black for the lead. In this way, recognition and display for sorting are easily possible. But what’s the catch?

    The density of the material affects the permeability of the X-ray beam. It requires a greater force of radiation to penetrate dense material than soft material. The number of molecules per volume unit is decisive for the density of a material. Penetrating wood takes much less force than penetrating the heavy metal. It is easier to penetrate plastic than aluminum or magnesium. The volume also plays an important role in the penetration of a material and the associated image that the software displays on the monitor. A large piece of plastic is represented identically to a smaller piece of aluminum. Or: a large piece of aluminum is represented identically as a thin piece of zinc with the same surface.

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