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Grabbing The Benefits Of Rotar

18 Nov 2020  |
Investing in three Rotar Grabs over the last five years has helped streamline processes at a Corby based Skip Hire and Recycling company and allow them easier recycling of materials.

Baileys Skip Hire and Recycling, based in Corby have been operating for over 10 years and now boast 25 skip lorries in their fleet. Targeting the domestic and commercial markets across Northamptonshire and Leicestershire their skips have a distinctive pink branding.

All the skip waste is coming into their site where they operate two picking stations and separate out all the waste – cardboard, bricks, plastic etc.

Wherever possible they are diverting any waste from landfill with a series of crushers and shredders. To help streamline their processes they have invested in three Rotar Grabs – adding one to their fleet each year. These grabs have helped to streamline the work.

One grab is lifting materials off the floor once it has been unloaded from the skips, another is feeding waste material directly into the picking station and the third is used moving shredded wood.

By streamlining their processes with the help of the Rotar Grabs, Baileys are recycling 98% of materials on-site and only sending 2% (mainly trommel fines) to landfills.

Baileys have invested in their grabs over the last five years. Firstly a Rotar RSG300 and then later two RG12s.

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