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Smart Non-Ferrous Separator with IOT Module

Smart Non-Ferrous Separator with IOT Module
9 Nov 2021  |
Goudsmit Magnetics Group has recently upgraded the eddy current non-ferrous separator.

The upgrade means that the control unit can optionally be expanded with an IOT (Internet of Things) module; this makes the machine suitable for almost any product flow. The module sends all important data to a dashboard through the internet. This allows operators to see what the performance of a machine is at a glance. How fast is the rotor turning? How many vibrations are there at the moment? What is the belt speed? All these questions are displayed graphically and in real time.

Remote assistance

The internet connection also offers the option of remote assistance. The Goudsmit service team is available online to monitor, resolve any malfunctions, and carry out software updates. This saves a lot of time and therefore increases the up time of the eddy current separator. The connection with Profinet also makes it possible to integrate a non-ferrous separator in a machine line. In this way, everything works together and the line can be controlled centrally.

Modular design

Mechanical upgrades have also been made. For instance, the EddyXpert and EddyFines machine lines have been brought closer together to enable the interchangeability of modules. For companies that want to expand their systems in the future with, for example, a drum magnetic separator or other separation system, these can easily be replaced or exchanged with another module.

Recycling coarse wood pieces is best done with an Eddy Current Separator with a 12-pole magnetic rotor with a very deep and powerful field. To give the coarse pieces sufficient space, Goudsmit recommends installing an extra-large chute and a separation unit.

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