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The Circular Economy Occupies a Central Place In The Bollegraaf Group’s Strategy

One of Bollegraaf's strategic objectives is to accelerate the transition to the circular economy. We do this together with our customers and partners by developing and building effective systems in which materials that are recyclable are collected, recycled, and reused.

The Bollegraaf Group essentially focuses on creating value from the collected waste in an environmentally friendly manner. By continuously and intensively investing in innovation, we offer high-quality recycling solutions. We come up with advanced processes to create high-quality secondary raw materials from all types of waste streams (from household waste, plastic, and waste paper to construction and demolition waste). The challenge is twofold: On the one hand, improving the quality/purity of recovered material and on the other hand, increasing the recovery rate of material. And we do this in an ever-changing environment.

Our vision is clear: There is no such thing as waste, only a pool of valuables that need to be sorted, cleaned, and prepared to re-enter a new life cycle. Working on the true circularity of materials is key and urgent as a means to mitigate the scarcity of natural resources as well as climate change. That is why the Bollegraaf Group focuses on the so-called up-cycling path, where a used bottle will come back as a new bottle.

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World leader in engineering and production of turnkey recycling solutions Bollegraaf Group is a world-leading expert and innovator in the waste sorting and recycling sector. Furthermore, our reputation is based on the unique quality of...

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