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Zigzag Air Classifier Boasts a 50% Higher Material Throughput Capability

Zigzag Air Classifier Boasts a 50% Higher Material Throughput Capability
Impact has been experiencing increased demand for its Zigzag Air Classifier, or ZAC as its widely known in the industry, so much so, it has responded to its clients’ requirements with a higher throughput version, the ZAC1200.

The ZAC1200 has all the same impressive features as its predecessor, the ZAC800, but boasts a 50% higher material throughput capability. While it is still a popular solution, the 800mm ZAC has a maximum throughput capacity of 24m³/h, while the ZAC1200 can handle up to 36m³/h, making it the ultimate solution for continuous material streams.

The separation of materials such as SRF, glass, and aggregates is effortlessly achieved by Impact’s ZAC, providing a super-fast return on investment for waste operators. Specially engineered for the processing of glass-rich or highly abrasive sub 60mm material streams, the ZAC system is constructed from carefully selected materials ensuring exceptional durability requiring minimal maintenance, resulting in minimal downtime. The Zigzag cascade enclosure includes hardened chromium cast plates to greatly reduce wear from glass, ceramics, aggregates, and other abrasive material.

With increased pressure on waste management companies to ensure maximum recovery of valuable materials from the waste stream, along with the benefit of turning it into a valuable commodity, many have been lining up to bring their material sample to Impact’s materials recovery test facility, where they can run a sizeable sample through the ZAC to see the recovery results before they invest. The reasonable price tag, innovative engineering, small footprint, after-sales support, and, of course, the recovery results, equates to a high percentage of the trials ending in a sale.

One customer commented on its ZAC installation “We process around 75,000 tons of construction and demolition waste and with the ZAC800 we are able to process the sub 40mm fraction and very effectively achieve a mix of clean glass, stone, and ceramic that can be used in our recycled aggregate facility. Investing in Impact’s ZAC800 was an easy decision for me. Impact carried out a detailed trial on our material and the results that were promised, have now come to fruition. It can process waste streams at high hourly throughput with material recovery results that are very impressive. The value in the cleaned glass and stone stream and Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) stream will pay for the machine within the first 6 months of operation. The payback on this system has been so good, we’ve ordered another one!”

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