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ZenRobotics and Terex Recycling Systems to Deliver a Fully Robotised Material Recovery Facility in Norway

ZenRobotics and Terex Recycling Systems to Deliver a Fully Robotised Material Recovery Facility in Norway
19 Sep 2023  |
ZenRobotics® and Terex® Recycling Systems proudly announce the signing of an agreement with Bjorstaddalen and Tandberg Engineering to establish a fully robotised, efficient, and cost-effective Material Recovery Facility (MRF) at Bjorstaddalen’s plant in Norway. The state-of-the-art facility will enable decentralised and profitable household waste recycling, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge AI-powered robotics with modular waste sorting solutions.

Bjorstaddalen, a prominent Norwegian waste management company, is on a mission to reduce incineration and landfilling by harnessing AI-powered robots and modular recycling equipment. Sindre Hauen, Managing Director of Bjorstaddalen, explains, “Our current autonomous material recovery facility is already an industry pioneer, efficiently handling construction, demolition, and residual waste. Now, we embark on a transformative journey to establish a decentralised material recovery facility that is tailored for municipal household waste and promises cost-effectiveness. The Fast Picker robots excel at sorting diverse materials, including various plastics, paper, and cardboard, while the Heavy Picker robots efficiently manage bulky items weighing up to 40 kg. Remarkably, this technology enables precise sorting to dozens of material categories, including the effective handling of black plastics. The meticulously designed MRF is poised to commence construction in just three weeks, with full operational readiness targeted for April next year.”

Emphasising the potential of AI-powered robots, Juha Mieskonen, Sales Director for ZenRobotics and Terex Recycling Systems, said, “When seamlessly integrated, our technologies are a cost-effective method to elevate recycling rates while minimising landfill usage, promoting circular waste management.”

The forthcoming Bjorstaddalen plant is a prime example of the synergy that exists between AI-robots and other modular solutions. Kenny Hull, Product and Commercial Manager at Terex Recycling Systems, explains, “The modularity of our solutions ensures swift installation without compromising performance or reliability, offering end-users adaptability to evolving business and market demands. Combined with AI-robots, this positions us as a comprehensive destination for state-of-the-art recycling systems.”

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