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Breaking Up and Dosing of PET-Bottle Bales by Matthiessen

11 Apr 2022  |
Climate change, scarcity of resources, environmental protection, sustainability... There are enough reasons for recycling materials.

For this reason, more and more new processing plants are being developed and built.

The high efficiency of such plants can only be achieved by using modern and energy-saving machines, especially in the initial process phases.

An optimal overall process can only be guaranteed if errors are avoided at the beginning of the preparation chain.

For more than 30 years Matthiessen Lagertechnik GmbH has been developing and producing innovative and efficient recycling technologies for exactly these initial phases of many recyclables sorting and processing plants. 

Would you like to modernize your existing plant or build a new recycling plant? – We would be pleased to support you in your project! 

Bale Breaker

The bale breaker developed by Matthiessen enables a cost-effective processing of recyclables and an optimal start for the subsequent working processes.

With maximum reliability and robustness, our bale breaker breaks up bales of various types and feeds the material to the subsequent processing steps in a metered manner.

Thus, an efficient and high recycling rate can be achieved. 

As a result of its modular design, the Matthiessen Bale Breaker can be perfectly adapted to your requirements.

In addition to two different working widths, we offer feed hoppers with a length of over 12m.

A large number of different rotor – counter comb variants enable excellent opening and dosing results.

And all this with an energy consumption of less than 35kWh! – This is how resource-saving recycling works!

The safety of your employees has the highest priority.

For this reason, we have developed a bale breaker that can “crack” and process both parallel and cross-wired bales.

The dangerous step of manually removing the wires, is thus no longer necessary!

You are curious and want to know more about our machines?

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