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The FAW (Acid Fly Ash Washing) Process

18 Jun 2024  |
The video entitled "The FLUWA process" presents an innovative and economically efficient process for the treatment of residual materials, particularly for waste incineration plants. Developed by AIK Technik AG, the video describes the functionality and advantages of the FLUWA by AIK® process, which has been successfully in use for over 25 years.

This process is specially designed to treat and remove the ash from the residual materials by acid washing, which offers both ecological and economic advantages.

The FLUWA process, developed by AIK Technik AG, represents a significant innovation in waste treatment. The video explains in detail how this process works and why it is particularly suitable for waste incineration plants.

The central process of the FLUWA method consists of washing the ash that remains after the incineration of waste with acid. This step removes harmful substances and ensures that the remaining materials can be disposed of or reused in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

With the FLUWA process, the company offers a proven technology that both minimizes the environmental impact and brings economic benefits for the operators of waste incineration plants.

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