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Packaging Waste with Less Volume

Packaging Waste with Less Volume
24 Jun 2022  |
The Spanish packaging specialist Roll & Pack 2000 S.L. has to dispose of large quantities of cardboard, packaging and foils. This does not only take up valuable space but also takes more effort to deal with. Help is available thanks to an HSM baling press, which significantly reduces the mountains of waste.

With over 30 years of experience, the Spanish company Roll & Pack 2000 S.L. is an old hand in the packaging branch. The team of four supplies its quality products with personal support and free postage from Artea (Bizkaia) in Spain. Their goal is keeping the customer satisfied at all times. Roll & Pack therefore provides individual advice on the selection of the most suitable packaging method for the respective task. 

The company also has great respect for the environment – and they always maintain their commitment to this. Recycling and the avoidance of waste materials has always been practiced on a daily basis. The company also places values such as honesty, commitment and efficiency high on their list.

The Challenge of Lack of Space 

Packaging Waste with Less Volume

Their warehouse is also always well-filled: a wide range of products from cardboard rolls, bubble wrap all the way to foam and sealing materials. And this specialist for packaging products produces a large quantity of waste on a daily basis which makes the small storage area even smaller. Added to this, there is the effort and costs required each time to bring the waste to the recycling dump. The company therefore needed a solution which, on the one hand, reduced the mountains of waste and, on the other hand, made all the endless trips unnecessary. And the answer was obvious – to invest in a vertical baling press. The company first carried out their research online. After getting a short list of several companies, their trust in HSM made the final decision. The quality aspect of “Made in Germany“, the available references as well as the personal service they could expect all played a big part in the decision. What’s more – the product the company wanted matched their own requirements perfectly. 

Vertical Baling Presses save Space 

Their V-Press 503 eco baling press is definitely worth it. The machine’s simple operation makes it the ideal partner for exactly that amount of material which the specialist packing company generates. Above all, because the machine processes cardboard as well as foils. And it takes up very little space itself due to its low installation height and small area. 

The operators only need to swing the upper half of the door to the right and the pressing process starts automatically when it is closed. The knee level door lock provides speed as well as safety. The staff can operate the machine using the convenient membrane keyboard with its graphics capable text display. The packing specialists use a bale removal trolley to remove and transport the bales. 

Time saved, Space won 

Roll & Pack2000 S.L. really benefits from its significantly reduced volumes of waste. The packing specialist saves valuable space. Since the recycling company collects the pressed bales, the simplified recycling process also gains the company a lot of time. On average, the new baling press can deal with 50 kg per week. And if ever any problems occur, the company knows that the HSM service team will be there quickly to deal with them without any fuss.

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