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Sustainability with HSM

Sustainability with HSM
17 Nov 2022  |
Acting sustainably has been part of who we are for decades and is ensured by our energy-efficient production equipment and methods, the manufacture of long-lasting products, emphasis on very favourable working conditions, as well as education and training of staff, which all culminates in a great deal of support for social and ecological projects.

Promise of quality and environmental protection through production that is “Made in Germany”

For us, our commitment to protecting the environment starts in our own production facilities. One of Herman Schwelling’s key philosophies is to manufacture “Made in Germany” quality products. This does not just apply to manufactured products and components; it also applies to our processes and their relationships with each other. To consistently ensure high-quality work, we manufacture most of the components for our products ourselves and are constantly investing in the modernisation of our highly specialised production facilities in Germany. This is how we fulfil our own demands for quality, flexibility, profitability and environmental protection.

As well as using a photovoltaic system and geothermal energy, most of our offices and factory buildings are heated using heat recovery from production plants. Some HSM plants are also certified with environmental audits. Reusable materials are reintroduced into the production process without any loss in quality. We use environmentally-friendly and reusable materials in our processing methods. Modern production equipment, continual optimisation of product flow, and short transport routes help us attain our goal of sustainable production.


Our products are distinguished by their low energy consumption, durable construction and the avoidance of materials that harm the environment. HSM is committed to preserving valuable materials. The processing of high-quality materials guarantees long-lasting products with a very low susceptibility to faults. Intelligent technologies enable the highest level of product performance while conserving resources. Many HSM products also feature ecolabels, such as the Blue Angel. The frequency-controlled drives of the fully automatic channel balers save up to 40 % electricity compared to a conventional drive.


It is the staff who make a company what it is. We emphasise process-orientated organisation with flat hierarchies and opportunities for personal development. A range of education and training options means HSM continually invests in the future of the company and its employees. Flexible working hours, sports/health provisions and other services ensure a pleasant working atmosphere and the prospect of long-term employment at HSM.

Social and ecological commitment

We always strive to do our part for the future which is why we support a range of social and environmental projects. HSM provides support for SOS Children’s Villages International, Doctors without Borders and many other good causes. HSM is also committed to a number of regional projects, such as recreation facilities for young people and people with disabilities and sports clubs for young people.

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