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Strautmann Baler at the Recycling Center

Strautmann Baler at the Recycling Center
14 May 2020  |
As a full-owned subsidiary of the Osnabrück district, AWIGO Region Osnabrück GmbH is the central point of contact for all issues related to recycling and waste management in the region.

As a certified waste management company, AWIGO supports the approximately 360,000 inhabitants in the 21 cities, municipalities and integrated communities of the Osnabrück region as well as numerous commercial enterprises when it comes to environmentally friendly waste prevention, disposal and recycling.

Due to the large amounts of different materials, it is very important to AWIGO to dispose of the recyclables properly, environmentally friendly and economically. For hard plastics, AWIGO tested Strautmann’s PP1208 – a press to compact the materials.

The hard plastic was previously collected in loose containers at the recycling yards and taken to another location for baling. Due to the loose collection, many transport ways and costs were incurred. These were saved by using the PP 1208 directly at the recycling center.

The PP1208 had grown through special adaptations to the task of compacting extremely large and bulky hard plastic parts with the highest pressing force. For example, trash cans, garden chairs and bobby cars were compacted into a directly marketable bale with a pressing force of 60 tons.

This saved a lot of space internally and reduced transport costs. Rolf Bringewatt, waste manager at AWIGO, reports: “The material is really strongly compacted.

The bale storage always looks good and we save transport routes due to the transport load. This is good for us in monetary terms, but also for the environment due to the reduced CO2 emissions.

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Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH was founded by the Strautmann group in Melle/Lower Saxony in 1993. Since then, Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH has been developing, manufacturing and distributing baling and briquetting presses for the volume reduction of recyclables...

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