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Relieve your Employees of the Burden of Disposal!

Relieve your Employees of the Burden of Disposal!
24 Jan 2023  |
The shelves have to be restocked, the queue at the checkout is getting longer by the second, the phone rings and the overfilled mesh trolleys with cardboard boxes stand around on the sales floor and in the warehouse before you can finally bring them to the press. A typical daily routine in food retailing. When it comes to waste disposal, however, your staff can be relieved with the help of the revolutionary AutoLoadBaler.

What makes the AutoLoadBaler a revolution?

The AutoLoadBaler revolutionises the entire disposal process of cardboard boxes in all areas of application from retail to logistics to manufacturing. Previously very time-consuming, manual filling work is now carried out mechanically and completely automatically. The filling and compaction of the press is now monitored by an intelligent system and no longer by the operator directly. Based on practical experience and studies, this results in a saving in working time of up to 3 hours and 43.5 minutes per bale – this corresponds to an increase in productivity of over 800%.

How exactly does the AutoLoadBaler achieve this increase in productivity?

The employees collect the cardboard packaging on the sales floor, in the warehouse or in production with the help of our large-volume collection cart and then bring it to the AutoLoadBaler. Here, the collection carts are then exchanged. The filled collection cart is pushed into the machine, with an empty one the work can be continued directly. Thus, the cardboard boxes neither take up space in the business premises and in the warehouse, nor is valuable working time spent on filling.

The filling and pressing process of the baler starts automatically and the employee can carry out other work. The cardboard is fed into the baling chamber by slowly rotating feed rollers. As soon as the baling chamber is filled, the baling process starts automatically. It takes up to 70 collection car loads to press a direct saleable bale weighing over 400 kg.

As soon as a bale is compacted in the press, it can be tied and placed on a pallet for removal. It is no longer necessary to repress the bales. The bales can be directly transported tot he recycler.

The AutoLoadBaler simplifies disposal processes.

By relieving you of reacurring filling activities, the AutoLoadBaler creates several advantages for you and your employees. The work for your employees is less burdensome and the well-being of your employees increases drastically. In addition, the costs for non-customer-oriented work are significantly reduced.

„We want to take care of our customers, not our cardboard. Thanks to the AutoLoadBaler, we have a clean appearance and the customer is not disturbed by cardboard scraps lying around. “

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