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Save Space and Recycle by Dewatering and Compacting Full PET-Bottles

Save Space and Recycle by Dewatering and Compacting Full PET-Bottles
25 Feb 2021  |
In production or bottling companies, often a lot of products are rejected because of expired dates, faulty production, or faulty packaging; for example, PET-bottles/tetra pak or cans with soda, juice, dairy, or other types.

It is important that these products do not go into the black market and are re-sold. Therefore, this kind of company needs 100% destruction of these products.

As the full bottles weigh quite a lot and are filled with liquid, it is a difficult and expensive material to transport and dispose of. This could, beforehand, end up as landfill or incineration. BUT by dewatering the liquid can often be reused for animal feed or biogas production, and as the packaging material is now dry this can be transported (at a much more favorable price) and sold for recycling or for energy optimization.

When compacting PET-bottles a ratio of 8:1 can be achieved, and 7 out of 8 transports can be saved. The RUNI SK370 screw compactor handles 20.000 pcs of 0,5 liter bottles pr hour. After compaction, a 250 kg/m3 is achieved which means the space of a truck can be fully used with the maximum weight and by this save CO2 for transport.

The screw compactor is easy to operate as it is completely automatic. It starts automatically when the material is fed in and stops when there is no more material to work with. The compaction is made with the moment of the screw and needs no heat and only very little power. A side bonus of this compaction by the screw is that the plastic containers are 100 % destroyed and cannot be sold on the black market afterward. All in all, very easy handling of PET-bottles and a great way to assure recycling of both content and packaging material and to save both money and CO2 in the transport of the bottles.

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