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A New Era For Film & Paper Sorting

A New Era For Film & Paper Sorting
In the last few years, MRFs and recycling plants have noticed a gradual increase in the complexity of the waste stream. This is particularly visible in the case of light materials. As a result, operators are faced with increasingly floating objects in their sorting process which inevitably hurts sorting quality. To address this issue, Pellenc ST's R&D teams joined forces to develop an innovative ejection hood dedicated to 2D sorting.

A Breakthrough design of the ejection hood

Pellenc ST optical sorters are already known to be at the cutting edge of technology regarding detection and software. The ‘Full Package’ machine version is the most sold, i.e., they are supplied with their peripherals, ejection hood and speed conveyor, so it was necessary to go one step further and guarantee also very good ballistics for the products inside the ejection hood.

With light material, sorting is getting trickier, objects are more volatile which leads to less
accurate ejection and increased losses of good products. Therefore, the Pellenc ST teams set
about developing a new design to optimise the sorting of paper and film: The AEROLIGHT.

The AEROLIGHT is an ejection hood dedicated to 2D sorting (paper and film). All the ejection
hood was specifically designed to improve aeraulics. A lowered roof and profiled wings have
been developed to avoid turbulences and obstructions; and control blown object trajectory.

Increased quality and yield

First feedback from MRFs operators and film recyclers is very promising with a significant increase in sorting performances even at 4,5m/s speed. The AEROLIGHT set-up reduces the amount of dragged films or papers and improves efficiency on the positive fraction. Overall, customers noticed a good material loss reduction and a better purity of the output stream.

“We have seen impressive results after installing the AEROLIGHT option. The quality of deinking before manual sorting increased by 4% and our end customer could recover 7% more product. Cédric DELUCA, Paprec Director at Trivalo 27”

Easy to integrate and no additional energy consumption

The AEROLIGHT is available for Mistral+CONNECT Full Package machines as an option or an upgrade. Easy to integrate, it stands out with its energy efficiency. In line with its commitment to reducing air consumption, Pellenc ST equipment helps to keep operating costs under control, and the ejection hood is no exception, requiring no additional energy consumption. Finally, combined with Top Speed and Turbosorter, the AEROLIGHT paves the way for a new generation of Pellenc ST Full Package machines dedicated to light materials.

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