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KESON Built Its MSW Recyclables Utilization Project in Henan, China as A Demonstration One

KESON Built Its MSW Recyclables Utilization Project in Henan, China as A Demonstration One
Recently, Keson Environment has provided an entire solid waste sorting system for the Comprehensive Utilization Center of MSW Recyclables and Renewable Resources in Henan, China. The project has implemented the new national standard and reached the leading level of similar projects in terms of energy saving, environmental protection, safety, intelligence and data processing.

The processing object of this project is MSW recyclables, with a daily processing capacity of 110 tons, which is no less than 13.75 tons per hour based on 8 hours per day. Through multi-stage sorting and crushing, the recyclables of MSW are sorted into ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, waste paper, recyclable plastic crushing materials, glass crushing materials, RDF, etc. According to the characteristics of each component of MSW recyclables, Keson develops a targeted process plan. The processing technology and equipment have the characteristics of high applicability, safety, stability and energy saving.

“This MSW sorting system utilizes our advanced waste processing technology to improve the efficiency and environmental protection. Through a series of advanced and efficient sorting equipment and technical means, it can automatically classify and separate each component of MSW, so as to achieve waste reduction, resource utilization and harmless processing.” — Said Mr. Xu Xifeng, General Manager of Keson.

The advantage of this MSW sorting system is its efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable. First of all, the system can greatly improve the efficiency of waste treatment, reducing the processing time and cost. Secondly, through classification and separation, recyclable resources in the waste are effectively used, reducing resource waste and environmental pollution. In addition, the system also uses advanced dust removal, deodorization and other technical means to reduce the secondary pollution to the environment.

The sorting system of MSW has a broad application prospect. With the acceleration of urbanization and the continuous increase of waste production, traditional waste processing methods have been unable to meet the needs of environmental protection and sustainable development. As an advanced waste processing technology, the sorting system of MSW will play an increasingly important role in the field of waste processing. In the future, Keson will continue to innovate and improve technology, and provide more projects with efficient, intelligent and environmentally friendly sorting systems, and make greater contributions to the sustainable development of cities.

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