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M&J Recycling Launches a Complete Series of Electrical Pre-shredders

M&J Recycling Launches a Complete Series of Electrical Pre-shredders
6 Mar 2024  |
Introducing the M&J P250e series - a pinnacle of waste pre-shredding versatility. From heavy-duty to lighter applications, this e-drive shredder lineup delivers efficiency and minimal energy consumption tailored to your specific needs.

The M&J P250e series stands at the forefront of waste pre-shredding capabilities, designed to offer versatile solutions for varying applications. This e-drive shredder lineup caters to heavy-duty and lighter scenarios, emphasizing efficiency, capacity and minimized energy consumption based on specific operational needs. The series consist of four customizable variants, accommodating up to 5 knife counts per shaft with different knife geometries.

“The powerful new M&J P250e series isn’t just about shredding; it’s a game-changer. It proves that you can get the same power for less money. Furthermore, the series makes it easier than ever to assemble a machine that provides the customer with precisely the solution they need – even as requirements evolve.”

Jens Vestergaard Nielsen, Head of R&D, M&J Recycling

A Model for Every Conceivable Need

The series comprises four drivetrain configurations that accommodate different waste types and capacities. Up to 100 tonnes per hour and with the possibility to achieve a grain size of 90% below 100mm.

  • M&J P250e – 220hs: Best choice for light to medium duty applications 
  • M&J P250e – 220hd: Best choice for medium duty applications 
  • M&J P250e – 320hd: Best choice for medium to heavy duty applications and small grain size
  • M&J P250e – 320hs: Best choice for heavy duty applications and small grain size 

Advancing Waste Pre-Shredding Technology

Experience seamless daily operations with the M&J P250e, intricately designed for optimal utilization no matter the task. It also offers significant energy cost savings, ensure equipment longevity, and mitigate operational disruptions. The M&J P250e boasts a superior Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with robust build quality and a patented modular design, facilitating hassle-free wear part replacement. Maintenance procedures are simplified, offering enhanced accessibility for welding and targeted part replacement.

Significant Energy Budget Savings

The M&J P250e consumes up to 50% less energy compared to hydraulic counterparts and  with the same or even higher capacity. You get improved energy efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and minimized noise emissions through our advanced e-drive technology.

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