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SkidWeigh On-board Lift Truck Scales - Built for the Recycling Industry

SkidWeigh On-board Lift Truck Scales - Built for the Recycling Industry
15 May 2019  |
Not all material handling applications are the same. In fact some are downright harsh, dirty and abusive.

One of those extreme applications is the recycling industry and its use of lift trucks to move commodities within the operation.  Whether its paper, metal, plastic or organic recycling, the nature of the business is extreme because generally external supply is brought to a sort area and the lift trucks are tasked to drive through the supply to separate, recover, sort, and store reclaimable material. 

The lift trucks take a beating with engine overheating, chassis damage, and exposure to corrosive material.  Often considered ‘just part of the business’, lift trucks and accessories have a short shelf life. 

Not all accessories though.  IVDT’s SkidWeigh and SkidWeigh Plus lift truck scales are recycle tested through years and years of serving the recycling industry.  That’s a good thing, because common to all recycling operations is the requirement to weigh the commodity for purpose of transaction. 

All SkidWeigh on-board lift truck scales are built to protect against damp, corrosive and punitive environments.  They simply do not look like other scales for a reason.  They are externally protected in a manufactured encased indicator housing that protects the internal CPU and display from damage.  With that protection the CPU can go to work offering such weighing functions as tare, accumulative totaling, and overload notification. 

SkidWeigh On-board Lift Truck Scales - Built for the Recycling Industry

SkidWeigh Plus ED3 and ED4 systems can even enhance and provide safety to operations by offering access control, OSHA pre-shift safety checks, impact management reporting and more.  These systems also have the ability to incorporate scanners and printers byway of a Bluetooth connection.  The ED4 series lift truck scale can even connect to a network and provide on-line vehicle information on events recorded with email alerts. 

The SkidWeigh and SkidWeigh Plus lift truck scales are the recycling industries go to for purposes of on-board weighing for over 30 years.  Tough enough for even the harshest applications SkidWeigh will outlive the lift truck they are installed on.

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