TOMRA Sorting Recycling Introduces INNOSORT FLAKE at PRS Europe 2019

TOMRA Sorting Recycling Introduces INNOSORT FLAKE at PRS Europe 2019
TOMRA Sorting Recycling offers a full range of options to recycle plastics. Its flake sorting technologies upgrade throughput using a single machine while ensuring constant and high-quality output.

TOMRA Sorting Recycling will be present at PRSE (Plastic Recycling Show Europe) to showcase its expertise and state of the art technology in the flake sorting industry, including applications such as: PET Flakes, PO Flakes, PE/PP flakes, PVC and PVC Window Frames.

TOMRA AUTOSORT FLAKE_2 kopieTOMRA’s AUTOSORT FLAKE is the first to successfully and simultaneously combine detection of color, enhanced material information and metal objects. Regardless of grain size, this model sorts all types of polymers with the highest purity.

Under the slogan “Materially different with exceptional results”, TOMRA Sorting Recycling will take the opportunity to launch the new INNOSORT FLAKE.

TOMRA Sorting Recycling Introduces INNOSORT FLAKE at PRS Europe 2019The new model combines both color and material sorting through NIR technology. The innovative PET flake sorting sensor solution is equipped with the unique combination of RGB cameras and NIR sensors from the market leader TOMRA – at attractive conditions.

Both extremely effective systems optimize flake sorting applications and minimal downtime.

TOMRA AUTOSORT FLAKE_3 kopieThe secret of TOMRA´s great accuracy is its patented FLYING BEAM® technology. Through its continuous calibration feature, customers can monitor and optimize the performance of your operations on a real time basis. This means increased stability and less downtime of your system while achieving constant high-quality yield. Additionally, innovative and accurate lighting technology results in up to 70% energy savings and decreases the operating costs. In addition to this, the FOURLINE technology, high speed, high precision NIR sensors allow resolution up to 2 mm, minimizing the loss of valuable product yield and leading to higher product recovery, ensuring greater profitability of your product output.

We look forward to welcoming you on our stand E14 to learn more about these technologies  and stay tuned for more information on

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