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TOMRA Sorting Recycling Launches A New Remote Assistance Tool

TOMRA Sorting Recycling Launches A New Remote Assistance Tool
24 Mar 2021  |
TOMRA Sorting Recycling has launched TOMRA Care Visual Assist, a new remote assistance tool that further enhances TOMRA’s global provision of fast and effective customer support and helps to maximize machine uptime.

TOMRA Care Visual Assist ‘virtually’ places TOMRA’s experts in front of the customer’s machine, enabling TOMRA to remotely resolve problems. The tool significantly reduces the need for in-person visits and enhances customer support.

Using an app to connect customers’ on-site technicians or TOMRA’s on-site field service engineers with TOMRA’s experts in specific applications or technical reports, a broad range of issues can be quickly resolved.

As well as helping to improve machine performance, TOMRA Care Visual Assist also provides a valuable means of delivering training and sharing the specialist knowledge of highly skilled product experts with TOMRA’s field service engineers and customers’ technicians.

Peter Geisler, Service Director at TOMRA Sorting Recycling, comments: “TOMRA Care Visual Assist gives our customers access to our specialist engineers who don’t need to be on-site in person. The application is very easy to use and requires no equipment other than a mobile phone with a camera. When a customer requests support through a message, email, or phone call, one of our experts sends an invitation to initiate the session. When the app opens, it seamlessly links through to a call with the TOMRA expert best suited to help them with the specific challenge they are facing. When connected, they communicate through voice and video.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, TOMRA Care Visual Assist has proven particularly beneficial as a solution which not only overcomes travel restrictions but also adheres to social distancing requirements.

Peter adds: “TOMRA Care Visual Assist enables a greater level of clarity in the communication and information transfer between the person on-site and the expert providing remote guidance. Our customers’ technicians and TOMRA’s on-site engineers get the support they need to resolve any issues immediately, bringing machines quickly back into operation. If a spare part is required, TOMRA’s experts can easily identify what is required and ensure the right spare is sent, increasing the first-time fix rate.”

This new tool is part of the TOMRA Care range of services which aims to ensure that customers’ units perform at the highest level of efficiency for their entire lifespan. Peter concludes: “We are excited about the roll-out of TOMRA Care Visual Assist and are confident that it will be well received by our customers who now have a new means of gaining access to and benefitting from our vast expertise in sensor-based sorting technology.”

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