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Composting of Farmyard Manure with the BACKHUS Compost Turner from Eggersmann

Composting of Farmyard Manure with the BACKHUS Compost Turner from Eggersmann
22 Apr 2021  |
There is a daily production of large quantities of manure in agriculture and in horse stables which require a lot of space for storage and often causes odor problems. So the question is: Where to put the manure?

The Compost Turners of the BACKHUS brand can remedy the situation by processing the reusable manure and turn it into high-quality organic fertilizer.

The advantages of manure composting

Farmyard manure contains valuable nutrients for crop production and can be used as agricultural fertilizer. The composting process accomplishes drying and sanitation of the manure. Thus, the valuable plant nutrients within the manure don’t get lost and a homogenous and storable final product with medium to high nutritional value is produced. The high-quality fertilizer can then be applied to agricultural land. Transport costs are low due to the reduced moisture content and decreased bulk volume.

The nutrients contained in the compost are slowly and evenly released to the plant and they positively influence the humus balance of the soil. In addition, the use of compost as agricultural fertilizer contributes to the increase of soil fertility and saves mineral fertilizer.

Process-driven composting by Compost Turner

The BACKHUS Windrow Turners significantly optimize the composting process and reduce it from twelve to approximately two months. During the turning of the windrows the material is loosened and its structure and moisture content is homogenized. The core and peripheral zones are also optimally mixed and blended. Simultaneously, the material is gently and continuously decomposed while it is adequately supplied with oxygen. The material discharge then creates new windrows.

The BACKHUS A 30 Compost Turner is the ideal starter model for professional composting for small to medium-sized operations. The self-propelled machine convinces with its sturdy and compact design and easy handling thanks to an intuitive interface. The track clearers are equipped with an automatic float feature which enables the compost windrows to be placed foot by foot for optimum pad utilization. The dimensions of the windrows can be up to a width of 3 meters and a maximum height of 1.3 meters.

Due to its low weight, the turner can comfortably be transported with a car trailer which makes it especially flexible and even allows for interplant use. Up to 700 m³ of material can be processed per hour with the BACKHUS A 30.

For businesses with larger amounts of farmyard manure Eggersmann recommends the larger models of the BACKHUS A series. Among other things, these are equipped with a spacious 360-degree panoramic cabin as well as an ergonomic operating concept including an air-cushioned driver’s seat, integrated arm rests on both sides, a joystick, and LED-displays with touch screen.

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