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Eggersmann Group

The Eggersmann Group, based in Marienfeld in East Westphalia is an association of companies at a national and international level with business operations in the areas of “construction”, recycling” and “composting”. About two thirds of the approx. 900 employees are located at the 13 German locations while one third are spread over the international locations in Poland, France, Spain, UK, Italy, Hong Kong and the USA.

Our customers all around the world benefit from the cross-industry synergies of our group of companies. With innovative ideas and concepts, we are actively involved in shaping the construction, environmental and recycling industries and we are constantly developing within as well as outside these business areas.

Our planet is full of plastic, it can even be found in the most remote places of the world
All too often, plastic waste is disposed of in nature, in rivers, at sea or it is just burned. Approximately 70 % of the earth’s surface are covered with water. Hundreds of thousands of pieces of plastic swim in every square kilometer of the oceans. Seabirds die an excruciating death due to cell phone parts in their digestive system, turtles mistake plastic bags for jellyfish and fish confuse small pieces of plastic with plankton.

We have made it our business to recycle waste with the highest quality possible.
No matter how hard we try to avoid or reduce waste and reuse packaging – the production of waste increases each year. Global waste production will increase by 70 % (3,4 billion tons) per year until 2050, if no immediate measures are taken. (source: World Bank 2018) With our special machines and plants, we filter as much recyclable and reusable material as possible out of the material stream before waste incineration or landfilling. This significantly reduces landfill masses, which in return reduces CO2 emissions and leads to fewer harmful substances and microplastic ending up in the environment.


Eggersmann Group
Eggersmann Group
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