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An Allrounder with Many Advantages

An Allrounder with Many Advantages
19 Sep 2023  |
The Eggersmann TEUTON Z 50 high torque single-shaft shredder is a true allrounder with many special features, from the large hopper to the optional screen basket system. It is a practical, cost-efficient and also safe choice for volume reduction as well as processing of a wide variety of materials.


With an above-average rotor length of three metres, the TEUTON Z 50 impresses with particularly high throughputs, while the almost five-meter wide feed hopper enables optimal feeding with any conventional wheel loader. The multitool rotor tools, which are even optionally available with additional special armouring, and the 507 hp engine easily cope with the most diverse applications. The TEUTON Z 50 shreds everything from green waste and bulky refuse to truck tyres. If necessary, it is easy to switch between different rotor tools for special applications. The Rootgrip tools, for example, are specially designed for the efficient processing of persistent roots.

The Minimum Maintenance System (MMS) reduces service work to an absolute minimum. If maintenance is required, it can be easily carried out from the ground. At the same time, the illuminated interior makes every operation in the machine easier.


The TEUTON Z 50 convinces with its high cost-effectiveness: On the one hand, it is the shredder for almost all applications and, on the other hand, it delivers an impressively homogeneous final grain size, which makes further processing steps superfluous in most cases. As standard, the size can be changed via the cutting gap adjustment. When adjusting the distance between the rotor tools and the counter knife, there is a choice of six different positions for this purpose. For an even more precise definition of the final grain, there is the option of using strip or hex shape screen baskets of different sizes. The hex shape screen baskets are characterised by a particularly pronounced homogeneity of the product, while the strip screen baskets process even material with a high risk of clogging, such as plastic film, optimally. In this way, a marketable product can be produced in just one pass. The baskets can be installed and removed quickly and easily, depending on requirements. The machine also has an automatic standby control (ASC), which avoids expensive idle times. The double-bolted rotor tools can handle up to 10,000 t of material when properly maintained; the solid counter tools even up to 100,000 t. This results in wear costs of less than 1 €/t in some cases. All this saves time and energy – the TEUTON Z 50 therefore has enormous economic potential. Yet even this outstanding performance is surpassed by the all-electric TEUTON Z 50 E: In contrast to the TEUTON Z 50 with commercial drive, an operating cost reduction of a further 25 % is possible. Thanks to the Eggersmann E-Drive System it can be moved around the site for an hour by radio remote control, while even sideway movements are possible with the crawler tracks. The TEUTON Z 50 E is charged up to 80 % within five hours and even fully charged within eight hours.


A radio remote control allows more distance to the active machine and thus ensures safe working. At the same time, hearing is protected by the Noise Reduction Technology (NRT). The reduced sound pressure level is also helpful when using the machine near populated areas. There are also safeguards for the machine itself: If a non-processable interfering material – for example, solid steel – gets into the machine, the motor will attempt to unblock it by reversing automatically. If this does not succeed, the machine switches itself off and the obstacle can be removed manually. The solid and robust workmanship additionally protects against breakdowns.

The TEUTON Z 50 is therefore more than just an allrounder. It is a universal solution that can improve work processes and decisively increase the economic efficiency of companies.

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