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Europress offers to its customers pioneering answers. Since 1977, Europress has helped companies and organisations transition to the circular economy. Today, our customers can enjoy Finnish cleantech solutions that combine customer-specific design, high quality criteria and the advantages of modern smart technology. They make sorting easy and hassle-free for our customers.

The high quality, durability and reliability of our products are guaranteed by using the best materials and components on the market, together with a modern production process. This all means value for investment through smooth user experience, low maintenance costs and time savings for the customers.

Our values

Europress has three core values guiding the operation

1. Technical pioneering

Europress has its own R&D which is always designing new and effective products for your recycling needs, never forgetting our innovative SMART system which makes your daily waste handling much easier task.

2. Reliability

Europress is a reliable and punctual partner with decades of experience. We give you the whole package from start to finish. You can always catch us in time of need.

3. Responsibility

Europress takes care of the environment by following the strict Environmental System ISO140001. Europress staff members are our most valuable asset and taking care of them is our priority.

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