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Leading the Way in Non-Ferrous Metal Recovery Systems

MG Recycling - Leading the Way in Non-Ferrous Metal Recovery Systems
29 May 2024  |
MG Recycling brand certainly recalls many special features, for instance “Made in Italy”, “Internationally well-known company in the field of non-ferrous metal recovery systems”, “Reliable machines” and many others.

The Company designs and manufactures full systems of non-ferrous metals recovery, including shredders, granulators, pulverizers, separators and related accessories, studied and developed aiming the perfection.

Part of the secret of MG Recycling success includes the sorting technologies range, such as Air Separators, Zig-Zag Separators and Vibrating Sieves and they deserve a short description:

  • The Air Separators represent the finest application and they are included in the compact and complete systems, after the granulation and pulverizing process, these separators select metals and other materials based on different specific weight, using air technology through a special artisanally-made mesh and vibration procedure. An easy adjustment of the air power allows to obtain the best non-ferrous metal recovery in the market.
  • The Air Zig Zag Separators incorporation in their systems, before the pulverizing process, has been a true game changer innovation. In fact, they allow to avoid the pre-selection of thick rigid wires and fine ones. The machine will automatically do that, thanks to the air intervention and gravity. Clean, pure copper granules will fall from a dedicated slide and conveyed to boxes or big-bag holders.
  • Moreover, other optional devices have been added to the separators range, the Vibrating Sieves. Optional by description but unmissable by choice, after the customer has seen these equipment in operation and the rate of the copper dust recovered. During the shredding, cutting and pulverizing process of the cable, copper/aluminum dusts are inevitably created and they remain in the plastic. The sieve grants the pvc granules treatment obtaining perfectly clean plastic and wonderfully maximizing the copper recovery.

MG Recycling core business is mainly cable and radiators but many customer’s requests have led to the designing of custom-made systems able to process a large number of scrap materials, like bullet casings, aluminum bottle caps, shoe lasts made of plastic and cardboard, coffee capsules, medical blisters, plastic-aluminum or plastic-paper boxes and many more! MG Recycling technical staff investigates on the client’s recycling need, step by step, designing the most suitable solution without underestimating every aspects involved.

Next year, MG Recycling will celebrate its 30th anniversary, and all those years of expertise will continue to be the foundations of innovative, strong, and high-efficiency equipment.

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MG Recycling is a leading company in the international market for the design and construction of plants for the recovery of copper, aluminum and other valuable materials from diversified waste. MG Recycling was founded in...