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Metal Chip Conveyor System Helps a Major Aerospace Company’s Operation Take Off
A major aerospace company was adding a new operation to their plant dedicated to milling large blocks of aluminum into aircraft framework.

Lightweight, resistant, strong, and easy to mill, aluminum has become an indispensable material for the aerospace industry. However, one of the inevitable challenges that comes with high machinability is rapid and excessive chip accumulation.
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A Guide To Belt Material Selection For Recycling Applications
Traditionally, rubber conveyor belts have been the go-to choice for recycling plant managers because of their high mechanical strength and abrasion resistance. However, the motor power required to move wide, heavy rubber belts and the increased mechanical strain they put on the system can lead to rising costs, both in energy use and maintenance requirements.

Conveyor Technology In The Recycling Industry
As an international company with its roots in plant engineering, REDWAVE decided to expand its product portfolio of sensor-based sorting technology. Even though the heart of the company beats sorting technology, they saw the need to invest in the research and development of conveyor belts specially optimized for use in the recycling sector. | Read more »
New STADLER PX Conveyor Raises the Bar on Purity in Sensor Sorting
The new STADLER PX acceleration conveyor integrates the best features of the BB and DB conveyors for optical sensor sorting and takes purity to new heights. The new STADLER PX acceleration conveyor meets the demand for higher throughput in sensor-based automatic sorting, which can operate at higher working speeds. | Read more »
Innovative Bale Conveyor System Keeps Things Simple for DS Smith in Finland
When cardboard box manufacturer DS Smith needed to replace their bale conveyor system in Tampere, Finland, they asked for an innovative solution. Presona rose to the challenge and delivered a system that uses fewer moving parts and it is easier to clean and service. DS Smith realised that they needed to replace their bale conveyor system. The conveyor system was connected to two Presona balers making bales from cardboard waste and had been dutifully been doing its job for over 20 years. | Read more »
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Habasit International
As a leading global company for conveyor and power transmission systems, we provide tailor-made, innovative solutions and services, which keep industries in motion. | Read more »
STADLER® Anlagenbau GmbH
STADLER is a global specialist in the design, production and assembly of automated sorting systems and machines for the recycling industry. | Read more »

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