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On 30 June 2021, join the “STEINERT Waste Recycling: LIVE”

STEINERT Waste Recycling: Live
Taking example and several references from customers within the commercial waste and post-consumer package sectors, STEINERT will present the opportunities and challenges encountered when jointly developing an optimum sorting solution – live from STEINERT’s test center in Pulheim near Cologne (Germany) showing the new waste sorting line, fitted with state-of-the-art sorting machines.

In order to safeguard their investment before building their own sorting facility, the new line helps customers to simulate, as realistically as possible, how their intended system will sort their materials. STEINERT has taken on this challenge to a particularly high degree and in addition to its own sorting system, has also built-in preparation stages that correspond to reality in the new waste sorting line.

Andreas Jäger, Global Sales Director Waste Recycling, and Hendrik Beel, Managing Director of STEINERT UniSort GmbH, will be hosting the online event. Janine Mehner will lead through the one-hour format that is STEINERT’s second live stream event packed with variety and entertainment. Andreas Jäger and Hendrik Beel will provide an overview of the sorting machines used and will present a number of particularly challenging sorting problems in commercial and demolition waste, together with technical explanations of the solution and a live Q&A session for viewers. The separation of wood, plastic such as PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene), minerals, black objects, or materials that tend to float such as foils or paper play a role. For the post-consumer package sector, Hendrik Beel will demonstrate how AI-based sorting programs can be used to define harmful fractions. Artificial Intelligence detects materials, which compromise the sorted product, and is able to separate them (such as silicone cartridges), maintaining the quality of the PE fraction. The event will also introduce the very latest findings in how post-consumer packages are separated into the relevant groups of recyclable materials, namely polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, black plastics, PET bottles, and PET trays, drink cartons, PE/PP films, paper, and cardboard.

On June 30th the test facility serves as a stage: the new waste sorting line for tests consists of classic magnets, non-ferrous metal separators, sensor-based sorting systems and realistic preparation stages.

New waste sorting line ready for use

Right now, customers can use STEINERT’s test facilities on an industrial scale. The quantities involved and the preparation stages for materials match those of a real material recovery facility. Testing can therefore be very realistic to simulate the respective requirements, feasibility, and return on investment, using facts and figures to provide certainty for investors. Equipped with the very latest optical sorting machines and STEINERT’s magnets, the facility also includes preparatory stages reflecting a real-life scenario. To find out more, simply get in touch with your STEINERT contact and make an appointment.

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