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Pellenc ST Sorting Innovations

Pellenc ST Sorting Innovations
The latest product innovations on the Mistral+ offer waste sorting plants and recyclers vital performance improvements and new prospects for the future in terms of sorting applications. I

In the context of rapidly changing regulations that have an impact on quality and sorting requirements, the main challenge facing our customers is that of securing their investment against obsolescence.

The upgradability is the legacy of the Mistral+, and Pellenc ST has decided to take that concept to the next level by introducing the CNS. The Central Nervous System (CNS) is a new electronic and software platform designed to integrate future sensors and technologies. This new sorting engine further reinforces the Mistral +’s upgradability, enabling our clients to keep it up to date at all times. Available for all Mistral+ machines, this CNS retrofit opens up new possibilities in terms of sorting. The CNS features a new material classification software called “Advanced Classification”. This new technology makes it possible to separate more complex materials, such as PET bottles and trays, or better distinguish paper and cardboard.

At the same time, Pellenc ST introduces a new option called “Profile Detection” to eliminate carbon black objects or inert materials invisible in the near-infrared spectrum and improve the purity of recovered fractions in negative sorting. In practice, Profile Detection will detect black plastic films in a paper stream or sort carbon black contaminants in a PET or PE fraction.

To support the digitalization of Pellenc ST intelligent and connected machines — and in response to client demand, we certified the robustness of our data security. The Mistral+ is now ISO 27001 certified, a first in the optical sorting market.

The Pellenc ST Test Centre is already equipped with these technologies so that our clients can test them on their input stream in real-life conditions. Our team of experts lends their specialized know-how to determine the best sorting strategies together with the client.

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Pellenc ST, intelligent and connected sorting for the recycling industry Pellenc ST develops optical sorting machines for household and industrial wastes. The technologies used to sort these materials are near infrared (NIR), middle infrared, vision...

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